Rental Management

It has been our experience that a successful relationship between a property manager and an owner is not dependent on the size, location, or condition of the property. The key elements are the owner’s commitment to maintaining or upgrading an older building and the property manager’s skill in supporting this commitment. Our team approach to property management is designed to provide that support to owners who are interested in increasing the value of their investment.

Our rental management team consists of a property manager supported by management assistants. The manager handles field work, major repairs and renovations, owner communications, and emergencies. The assistants handle routine paperwork, communication with individual tenants, and standard repairs. This organization allows regular visits to the building without sacrificing the orderly processing of routine items. Our rental management team is able to provide many services, including: managing association finances, providing administrative services, and supervising maintenance of the property.

Let Us Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Chicago Rental Property

Whether you are looking for the next great rental investment to buy, or you already have a property you want to manage more effectively, the property management team at Parker-Holsman is ready to assist you in your endeavors. Since 1931, we have been helping real estate investors and property owners in the Hyde Park and South Shore neighborhoods of Chicago to get the most our of their investment dollar. Through a commitment to quality and client-centered business practices, we have helped numerous rental property owners reach their investment goals.

Our property management team believes that the best way to maximize your investment is to take excellent care of your property. This is why we work with owners to renovate as necessary, and to keep properties well-maintained. This makes them more desirable to renters, and ultimately results in a better return on their investment. We specialize in properties constructed before the 1930s, so we have the necessary experience to bring even the oldest properties up to modern standards.

If you would like to learn more about what we have to offer, please contact our property management team today.